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Ensuring that food contact materials and objects are safe and in accordance with applicable laws is a top priority for FCM Companies.
The declaration of compliance is the official document issued by the material manufacturer and is required to provide the information necessary to ensure compliance throughout the supply chain. This document certifies that the products supplied comply with current regulations and are safe for contact with food.

Declarations of compliance are important for several reasons:
Food Safety: : Ensure that materials used to package or come into contact with food do not put at risk the health of consumers.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that Companies comply with food contact regulations.
Legal Liability: Provide a clear and formal description of compliance, which can be critical in case of legal disputes or liability issues.
Corporate Reputation: Demonstrate the Company’s commitment to food safety and the quality of its products, helping to preserve and improve the Company’s reputation.

Drawing up an effective declaration of compliance requires attention to detail and a thorough understanding of applicable regulations.
Here are the key steps to follow:
Identification: Specify who makes the declaration and clearly identify the material or article intended for contact with food.
Normative References: Indicate the standards, regulations and possibly technical standards to which the product complies. This may include National laws, EU or International regulations.
Technical Details: Provide technical details about the product, such as material, composition and other relevant information.
Testing and Analysis: If appropriate, include test and analysis results that demonstrate product compliance with regulatory specifications.
Authorized Signature: The declaration must be signed by an authorized person within the company, responsible for compliance, the Business Operator.
Issue Date: Include the date of issue of the declaration to ensure its validity.
Preservation of Documents: Keep statements of compliance and supporting documents for registration and verification.

The correct drafting and management of food contact compliance statements is essential to protect consumer health, demonstrate compliance with laws and preserve the Company’s reputation.
Companies must invest in understanding applicable regulations and creating accurate and complete documents. In this way, they can play an active role in promoting a safe food chain and in ensuring the quality of their products.

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