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Specialized Training: Key Skills for FCM

In the fast-changing world of food safety and compliance, continuous updating is the key to keeping your business competitive. We offer specialized training in Food Contact Materials (FCM), designed to enhance the skills of your teams and ensure compliance with the highest standards of food safety.

Our training courses cover:

  • FCM legislation: A journey through the complexities of FCM regulations in the European Union, the legislative updates of individual Member States, and relevant regulations in North and South America, Asia and other global markets.
  • Analytical Compliance Plan: Practical training on how to develop and implement an effective analytical plan to ensure that food contact materials meet all compliance requirements.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Reach Regulation, Packaging and Packaging Waste, SUP (Single Use Plastics) Directive.

Method and Flexibility of Courses:

  • Personalized Training: We offer both individual and group sessions, ensuring that the content is relevant and tailored to the needs of your team and your Company.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Choose between in-company sessions or remote training for full integration and less impact on your daily workflow.
  • Topics On Request: Beyond general topics, we are committed to meeting specific requests and developing dedicated training modules to address the particular challenges and needs of your Company.

Why Choose Our Training Courses?

  • Experience and Expertise: Our trainers are experts in FCM sector and have a deep knowledge of current regulations and industry best practices.
  • Interactive Approach: We adopt teaching methodologies that encourage participation and discussion, making learning more effective and engaging.
  • Continuous Updates: We ensure that course content is always updated with the latest legislative developments and market trends.
  • Certificates of Participation: At the end of the courses, we issue certificates that validate the acquired skills, enriching the professional profile of the participants.

Training in English

Investing in Training is Investing in the Future

Training is a strategic investment that can make a difference in terms of quality, safety and innovation. Contact us to find out how our training courses can be integrated into your business development plan and contribute to your success in the industry.

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