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Food Safety

Food Safety: A Commitment to Excellence and Regulatory Compliance

Our advice in Food Safety represents our constant commitment to quality assurance and compliance with the highest International Regulatory Standards. We are responsible for ensuring that the products and processes of Companies in the FCM (Food Contact Materials) sector comply with current regulations, including the general EC Regulations – Reg. Framework 1935/2004 and Reg. 2023/2006 – and material-specific provisions for each EU Member States, extending our competence to major non-EU markets such as the UK, North and South America, Asia, and others.

Our consulting services include:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Assistance in the interpretation and application of legislative provisions, to ensure that your products are in full compliance with the specific regulations of each market.
  • Technical-Scientific Documentation: Verification and updating of the supporting documents relating to Food Contact Materials (FCM), ensuring that it is always complete and in compliance with current legislation.
  • Custom Analytical Plans: Development of detailed analytical plans to test the suitability of materials in contact with food, ensuring the safety of your products and the health of Consumers.
  • Risk Assessment: Conduct in-depth risk analysis to identify and prevent potential negative interactions between material and food, while preserving product integrity.
  • Specific Legislative Reports: Drafting of detailed Reports on specific regulations, with a particular focus on products and materials such as metals, paper, plastics, coating, glass, and others, providing a clear and updated overview of the legislative situation.
  • Supplier Audit and Qualification: Implementation of specific audits to verify compliance with Regulations, as well as audits aimed at qualification and selection of reliable and compliant Suppliers.

Personalization at the Service of Excellence

We firmly believe that every Company is unique, with specific needs and particular challenges. For this reason, our advice is fully customizable: we work closely with your Company to adapt our services to your needs, ensuring that the solutions proposed are always the most effective and appropriate for your Company.

Our goal? Your peace of mind.

Providing complete advice on food safety means guaranteeing our Customers peace of mind: the certainty that their products are not only safe and of high quality, but also that they comply in every detail with applicable regulations, in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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