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Food Contact Materials (FCM) must comply with strict food safety standards: Companies must ensure that the materials used do not adversely affect the safety or quality of the food they come into contact with.

Adequate technical and scientific documentation demonstrates not only compliance with relevant regulations, such as Reg. EC 1935/2004, but also plays a crucial role in ensuring that standards are maintained and verifiable.

Detailed documentation provides essential information on the composition of materials, production processes and analyses carried out to test suitability for food contact.
In case of problems or product recalls, it is also crucial to track the source of the problem and demonstrate due diligence by the company.

Beyond good management practice, maintaining an updated and accessible documentation is a legal requirement for the marketing of FCM in the European Union and in many other International markets.

It is therefore not only a bureaucratic formality, but an essential component of food safety and having a complete and accurate documentation is essential for Companies that want to ensure that their products are safe, compliant with the law and of high quality.

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